New corona virus rapid detection kit, the accuracy rate is more than 97%

The new corona pneumonia nucleic acid diagnostic kit has completed the verification of nearly 500 clinical samples. The kit does not require sample nucleic acid extraction, fusion sample lysate in the amplification system, pharyngeal swabs, sputum and other clinical specimen washes or specimen preservation solutions without nucleic acid extraction directly Enter the PCR system to achieve closed-tube and closed-amplification amplification in about 29 minutes at the fastest, with a sensitivity of less than 300 copies/ml. Compared with the existing real-time fluorescent PCR reagents for virus detection after nucleic acid preparation, the coincidence rate is more than 97%, specific Sex is higher than 99%, and it is faster and safer.

A large number of laboratory and clinical samples have verified that IgM/IgG dual-index rapid diagnosis of colloidal gold reagents can be completed within 2 minutes.

The detection operation is simple, no instrument is needed, only 10 μL of fingertip whole blood is dropped into the detection hole, and the sample can be detected for 3-7 days of infection, with an accuracy rate of more than 97%, thereby greatly reducing the risk of infection during detection.

A positive test result indicates that the patient is currently infected or has a previous infection. The developed colloidal gold rapid detection products can be used in a large number of application scenarios such as corporate resumption, large-scale event screening, school back to school, and home self-test.

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Susan F.//SMC Editor