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Orthodontic Arch Wire

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Orthodontic arch wire with high quality and reasonable price.

A metal wire stuck in the groove of the bracket or passed through a thin tube with a ring is called a orthodontic arch wire. It is the main afterburner. Bow wires can be divided into many types according to their material, thickness, and shape. Each patient needs to use several to more than ten sets of arch wires from the beginning to the completion of the correction. The doctor uses the elasticity of the arch wire itself or bends it to a certain extent, and then fixes the arch wire to the bracket through rubber bands or thin steel wires. Through the transmission of the bracket and strap, the force is released to the teeth in a relaxed and gentle manner, and the teeth slowly move along the trajectory made by the arch wire. During the correction process, the arch wire is gradually replaced from fine to thick, from soft to hard, and from round to square.

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    1. Material: Ni-Ti(Nickel-Titanium) or Stainless steel

    2.Shape: natural form

    3.Type: Round

    4.Size: 0.012, 0.014, 0.016, 0.018, 0.020 upper

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    The single greatest advantage of the premarked arch wire is the decrease in patient chair time made possible by eliminating repeated arch wire insertions to replace lost, smeared, or drifted wax marks. Adjustment bends can be made accurately and quickly with a reduction in discomfort to the patient.


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    1. Ligation

    2. Dental separation

    3. Traction

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