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Ophthalmic Surgery Micro Forceps

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is professional supplier and manufacturer of ophthalmic surgery micro forceps.

According to the structure of the forceps, it can be divided into toothed forceps and non-toothed forceps. Toothed forceps usually have single teeth on one side and double teeth on the opposite side. The length of the teeth is about 0.1-0.5mm, the 0.1-0.12mm long teeth are suitable for corneal transplantation operations. The cornea, especially the endothelium, is slightly damaged when grasping the corneal graft; the 0.5mm long right-angled teeth are good for fixing tissues such as sclera. Cup-shaped teeth can fix tissue without causing tissue penetrating injury. It is especially suitable for fixing scleral flap and conjunctival tissue during glaucoma surgery. It can also be used for clamping and fixing muscles in eye muscle surgery to avoid damage and tearing of muscles. Toothless tweezers are mainly used for knotting. The tip part is thin and smooth. Use curved tweezers to tie the knot without blocking the line of sight. It is easy to operate, flexible and convenient.

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    Material: stainless steel, titanium alloy

    Model: straight head with teeth, straight head without teeth, elbow with teeth, elbow without teeth, angle head with teeth, head without teeth angle

    Net weight: 14 g

    Size: 11 cm


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    Gripping and fixing muscles

    Avoid injury and tearing of muscles

    High hardness, moderate elasticity

    Good toughness, not easy to deform

    Fine head, firm clamping

    Round and delicate, no burrs, no damage

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    Large hospital

    Ophthalmology Department

    Beauty agency

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