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Water Flosser/Dental Water Flosser/ Oral irrigator tooth water jet flosser

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a professional leading Water Flosser supplier and manufacturer.

Teeth and gums junction has a about 2 mm deep around the teeth but not adhere to the teeth of the gully called gum. This is the most important junction to the foundations of the teeth, but the most easy to shelter evil people and practices, is the place where the most likely to cause tooth and gum disease. Gum furrow and is a place where two of the most difficult to clean teeth, some studies pointed out that "there are as many as 40% of the tooth surface can't use toothbrush to clean". Although the floss (or toothpicks) can remove tooth surface debris,but on a microscopic level, uneven tooth surfaces can still be unclean. Bacteria need only a very thin membrane to grow, and the harmful effects of the remaining membrane are still partially present. A combination of a crushing force and a pressure current that can drill into a hole is, in principle, the ideal way to clean your mouth.

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    1. Size 19 CM * 13 CM * 4.5 CM

    2. Power mode: water driven

    3. Material: ABS, PVC, copper, dupont soft wool

    4. Weight: about 0.23KG

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    1. Clean the dental plaque on the surface of the teeth

    2. Clean the tongue coating to remove bad breath

    3. Powerful removal of food particles

    4. Massage and stimulate gums to improve blood circulation

    5. Simple and efficient orthodontic


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    1. Bad breath

    2. Bleeding gums

    3. Wear orthodontics

    4. Dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases

    5. After oral surgery, it is necessary to keep clean to prevent infection

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