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Disposable Saliva Suction Tube

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is professional supplier and manufacturer of disposable saliva suction tube.

The suction tube is the most commonly used consumable in oral care exercises. The function of the suction tube is to absorb water mist, debris, blood and saliva in the oral cavity to maintain a clear vision of the operation and assist the smooth operation of the operation. During oral treatment, due to the widespread use of high-speed turbines, ultrasonic dental scalers and high-pressure cooling water, a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and aerosols generated by cutting teeth in the patient's mouth during treatment are brought into the clinic, resulting in microbial contamination of the air in the clinic. In order to reduce the formation of droplets and aerosols, and reduce the spread of blood and saliva, the suction tube plays an important role.

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    1. Composition: suction head, hose, copper wire

    2. Material: antirust alloy copper plating and odorless PVC material

    3. Package: 100 pcs//bag 50 bags/carton

    4. Bag net weight: 0.5kg

    5. OD: 6.5mm Length: 150mm

    6. Expiration date: 2 years

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    1. Sterilized with ethylene oxide

    2. Design independent anti-rebound

    3. Unobstructed through water

    4. Bending without dead ends


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    1. Soft and smooth mouth design

    2. Safe, comfortable and hygienic

    3. Prevent cross infection

    4. Prevent sucking tissue

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Packaging of disposable saliva suction tube:

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Disposable saliva suction tube - packaging - 3.jpg

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