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Disposable Oxygen Humidification Bottle

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The humidification bottle during oxygen inhalation allows medical staff to intuitively observe the patient's dynamics and flow adjustment during oxygen inhalation; humidify the airway to prevent gas from stimulating the mucous membrane; humidify the alveoli, increase alveolar activity, and facilitate gas exchange.

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    1. The main function of the humidifying bottle is to humidify and moisturize the dry oxygen.

    2. The oxygen inhaler is mainly connected to the oxygen terminal. It can be connected to various standard plugs according to different requirements. It can be used for medical equipment belts, equipment walls, pendant towers and other gas supply terminals; it is used by medical units for emergency oxygen and oxygen inhalation for patients with hypoxia. The oxygen inhaler has accurate flow, easy to use and safe. It is an essential device for oxygen therapy in hospital emergency rooms, wards, and patients.

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    The external humidification bottle is independent of the outside of the fuselage, making it easy to observe the water level. The external humidification bottle is easy to operate, easy to disassemble and easy to clean. It is convenient to inject water, and it is cleaned once 1-2 weeks to refuse bacterial growth. Solve many problems of the embedded humidification bottle. All household oxygen generators use external humidification bottles


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    Oxygen humidification is a rehabilitation equipment and ward nursing consumables. It is mainly used in the oxygen supply system of medical centers. It can be supplied to medical units for emergency oxygen and oxygen inhalation for patients with hypoxia.

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Technique Specification of Disposable Oxygen Humidification Bottle:

1. The disposable humidification bottle consists of a bottle body, a bottle cap and a foamer

2. Humidification bottles are divided into three types: A, B, and C according to their types, and three types: large, medium, and small according to their capacity. There are nine specifications in total. Optional connecting pipe. The humidification bottle should be sterile.

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