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Dental floss rods

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a dental floss rods supplier and manufacturer.

Dental floss sticks, also known as dental floss picks, are products that are used with toothbrushes in daily oral care. Before dental floss sticks, people used dental floss to achieve the same effect. Compared with dental floss, dental floss stick has the advantages of more convenience, efficiency, safety and hygiene.Toothbrushes can only brush 70% of the surface of the teeth. Dental floss makes up for the shortcomings of toothbrushes. It is a household tooth protection product commonly used in Europe and the United States today.This product can be used as toothpicks and dental floss. Smooth curved dental floss head design, 2 kg tension dental floss protects the gums, removes plaque, soft dirt, food residues, anti-skid edges or various anti-skid textures are designed in the middle of the toothpick, and the toothpick head is flat, like a knife, which is more beneficial Tucked between the teeth, it can be bent to a 45-degree angle, which is helpful to remove the debris that is not reachable by ordinary toothpicks.

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    1. It does not hurt the gums and is not easy to break

    2. Prevent bad breath, tooth decay and periodontal disease

    3. High toughness, arbitrary bending

    4. It can simply remove the residue between teeth

    5. Wide handle non-slip design for more comfort

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    1. Align the floss part of the floss bar to the gap

    2. From the place closest to the gums on the adjacent

    3. Then apply the floss to the adjacent surface on the other side

    4. When finished, gently slide the floss stick out of the gap

    5. Clean the floss, then clean the other teeth

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