Alcohol production line / Ethanol production line

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Shanghai Medical Corporation (SMC) was established in 2009, as a national Hi-tech enterprise, recommended company for military equipment purchasing and national enterprise in designing and manufacturing Class-III pressure vessel, SMC becomes a collectivized enterprise, integrating research and development, production and manufacturing, trade and service.

After decades of constant efforts and innovation, SMC has become the manufacturing base of alcohol /ethanol production line and waste water treatment equipment in China, which defines national standard of "Alcohol Distillation Column"、“Furfural Distillation Column” and "Furfural Hydrolysis Pot", which has obtained national patents on remarkable energy-saving in alcohol industry and comprehensive utilization on stillage processing and which leads the technology development trend of Chinese alcohol production equipment. Alcohol production and environmental production equipment with SMC brand has been the first choice of clients at home and abroad especially renowned large-scale distilleries and been exported to dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and etc. The company can undertake a complete turnkey project such as alcohol, chemical, pharmaceutical, DDGS.

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  • 1.Designed production capacity

    1ton per day, 3 tons per day, 10 tons per day, 100 tons per day, 500 tons per day, 600tons per day, can be customized according to customer request.

    2.Designed alcohol concentration:

    From 75% to 99.7%

    3.Quality standard

    According to the customer needs, the ethanol production unit can reach the relevant standards (GB10343-2008 special grade, superior grade, general grade, GB18350-2013, GB678-2008) or other international standards.


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General alcohol production process


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    1. Customer send basic demands of project to SMC.

    2. SMC quote draft budget amount.

    3. Customer accept and sign contract.

    4. SMC design production process configuration according to plant area, detailed demands, and other requirements and provide project plan for customer approval.

    5. SMC make production according to contract.

    6. Customer come to factory for inspection.

    7. SMC delivery the goods to customer address.

    8. SMC arrange workers for site installation and commissioning.

    9. Provide after-sale support service 7x24h.

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In the industry, ethanol is generally produced by a starch fermentation process or an ethylene direct hydration process. Fermentation ethanol was developed on the basis of winemaking and was the only industrial method for producing ethanol for a long period of time. The raw materials of the fermentation method mainly include cereal raw materials (wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, millet, oats, etc.), potato raw materials (cassava, sweet potato, potato, etc.), and sugar raw materials (beet, sugar cane, waste molasses, sisal, etc.) And cellulose raw materials (wood chips, straw, etc.).

A.      Cereal raw material


B.       Potato raw materials



C.      Glycogen raw materials


D.      Cellulose raw materials


E.       Synthesis method

The direct hydration of ethylene is the direct reaction of ethylene with water in the presence of heat, pressure and in the presence of a catalyst to produce ethanol:

CH2═CH2 + H-OH→C2H5OH (The reaction is carried out in two steps. The first step is to form an organic mercury compound in a water-tetrahydrofuran solution with a mercury salt such as mercury acetate, and then reduce it with sodium borohydride.) - Ethylene can be taken from petroleum cracking gas in large quantities, with low cost and large output, which can save a lot of food, so it develops very quickly. It can also be converted into syngas by coal chemical industry, directly synthesized or made by industrial hydrogenation of acetic acid.



The alcohol machinery and parts are packed and labeled according to the regulations of exporting and it can be packed as per customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)       According to the customers output and quality requirements, the use of 2--8 towers to produce general-grade alcohol, premium grade alcohol and premium grade alcohol, can also produce fuel alcohol, and provide corresponding carbon dioxide recovery, sewage treatment and other supporting projects.

2)      Maintain/upgrade device list

a. Alcohol equipment

b. Fermenter

c. Column

Stainless steel bubble tower

Floating valve distillation tower

Distillation column, crude column, dilution tower

Copper bubble tray, copper inclined tray, valve tray

Oblique hole distillation tower

d. Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

Detachable spiral plate heat exchanger

Removable spiral plate heat exchanger


d. Heat Exchanger

DGS Tube bundle dryer

rotary dryer

Roller type

Roller type

d. Steel container

Heat preservation polishing tank

Steel container

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