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3M Face Mask 9501+

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a professional exporter and supplier of 3M KN95 Respirators 9501. We can provide you 3M masks with quality assurance and price advantage. We also supply 3M 1860, 8120, and other protective respirators. If you want to know more about our 3M mask and other medical products price, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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    Product: 3M Face Mask

    Model: 9501+

    Standard: GB2626-2006

    Protection level: KN95(Non-oily particulate filtering efficiency is above 95%)


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    3M anti-particulate masks all use 3M's proprietary high-efficiency filter material (polypropylene material). While meeting the filtration efficiency requirements, they can maintain low breathing resistance and are fixed by the headband, earband, or neckband. Metal nose clips to help the mask and nose bridge close together.

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    It can be used to protect dust and smog, and also to protect metal smoke such as welding smoke, lead smoke, casting smoke and some heavy metal dust.


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Technical Information of 3M Face Mask 9501+:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between anti-particulate masks?

The difference between 3M anti-particulate masks includes three aspects: one is the difference in protection level; the second is the difference in wearing style (such as headband, ear strap, etc.); the third is the difference in style (if foldable, integrated molding) .


2. Why does the mask smell?

The protective masks are made of non-woven fabrics, which have no taste. The taste of the masks is caused by the type of inkjet and rubber bands, but they are all made of high-quality raw materials and will not have any impact on human health.


3. How long can the mask be used?

The masks can be reused. Depending on the environment, if they are dirty, they must be replaced in time. When used for the protection of oily particulate matter, the cumulative use time of Class R shall not exceed 8 hours, the cumulative use time of Class P shall not exceed 40 hours, or the cumulative use time shall reach 30 days from the beginning, whichever comes earlier.


4. Is it normal to wear the mask too tightly?

The protective mask itself is to protect against harmful substances. If it is tight, it will leak, and it will not achieve the effect of use. Therefore, if it is too tight, it is very uncomfortable. If it is too tight, it is very uncomfortable. Choose a different style of mask.


5. Why is the mask so stuffy?

The protective mask plays a protective role, and it will definitely be more boring than without a mask. If you are worried about being too boring, you can choose a mask with a breathing valve, such as: 9001V, 9002V, 9332, 9322, etc.


6. What are the benefits of masks with breathing valves?

The mask breathing valve is suitable for a relatively hot environment. When exhaling, it will be more breathable. The inhalation breathing valve will automatically close, which will not affect the use effect at all. It is recommended that the users are those who have higher requirements for comfort and large amounts of activity.


7. Is there any difference in mask protection level?

Yes, the certification standards for different protection levels of masks are different. N95 is the US detection standard, KN90 and KN95 are Chinese protection standards, FFP2 and FFP3 are European protection standards. The specific comparison is as follows: FFP3>FFP2=N95=KN95> KN90, the higher the protection level, the better the filtering effect, but it can be protected against PM2.5.


8. Why are the masks not sealed?

The standard of protective masks does not require sealing for packaging.


9. Are there masks for children?

The 3M domestic masks are all designed according to the Asian face shape, and there are currently no children in the protective type masks.


10. Is the 3M protective mask disposable?

3M protective masks cannot be washed, because washing will damage the filter material and mask structure of the mask; when it is not contaminated and damaged, and it meets the hygienic requirements, it can be considered to be used again.

Packaging of 3M Face Mask 9501+:

3M original plastic pack original carton packaging;

50pcs/pack, 10 packs/carton;

Carton size: 53.4x29.4x29.8cm

Gross weight: 4.5kg

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