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Wound Plasters

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Our wound plasters contact directly with wounds, so they have to be hypoallergenic, sterilized, and individually packed. The part that contacts the wound surface must be non adherent and absorbent, so the plasters can absorb much blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid, keeping the wound dry and clean.

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    Material: Non woven, PE, cotton fabric, elastic fabric

    Color: Skin, Brown, White or customized

    Packing: In color box, tin box, polybag or as request

    Size: 72*19mm, 70*18mm, 72*25mm, diameter22/25mm etc.

    Certificate: FDA, ISO13485-2014, CE, TUV, BRC, BSCI

    Function: Hemostasis, prevent bacteria, facilitate healing

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    1. Low-allergic

    2. Strong adhesive

    3. Flexible

    4. Strong absorbency

    5. For small wound using and to fixing pinhead of intravenous transfusion.


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    Would plaster is used for superficial minor trauma, bruise, and so on wounded part. Can prevent the invasion of bacteria and foreign bodies, and guard against wound infection. It is used widely in l medical fields, personal protection, etc.

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    1. This product is disposable.

    2. To ensure wound hygiene, please change every day.

    3. Do not use finger to touch absorbent pad in the middle.

    4. This product is hypoallergenic. If in case allergy happens, stop use immediately.

    5. This products is sterilized, use is as soon as possible after unsealing.  If package is damaged or opened, do not use.

Technical Information of Wound Plasters:

It is composed of medical adhesive, absorbent pad, insulating film and wrapping paper. Absorbent pads are generally made of materials that can absorb exudate.The ingredients do not have pharmacological effects.The ingredients cannot be absorbed by the body. The material of wound plster is usually non woven, PE, cotton fabric, elastic fabric.

Packaging of Wound Plasters:


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