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General surgery is complicated and changeable. More requirements are placed on the types of medical towels.

A large amount of blood, flushing, pulling and long-term operation all pose challenges to the quality and performance of medical towels. Our products are made of pure cotton. It can withstand high temperature sterilization, fine workmanship without fading.

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    Prevent liquid penetration: It has a reliable liquid barrier to avoid surgical contamination in sterile areas.

    Perfect liquid control characteristics: Absorbent materials to prevent liquids from slipping and reduce the risk of occupational accidents among medical personnel

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  • Excellent strength and comfort: The towel is flexible and reliable, not easy to break, and at the same time can ensure the smooth operation of the towel

    Firm towel fixing technology: Excellent viscose technology can avoid the displacement or slippage of the towel during operation, and the viscose has no irritation and no residue

    Environmental protection: Greatly reduce environmental pollution during medical waste disposal


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7966 cesarean section surgical towels with effusion bag 5 pieces / box, 1 box / carton

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1080/1081 Lithotomy surgical towels with effusion bag 14 pieces / box, 2 boxes / carton

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6657 Iodine-containing surgical film with effusion bag 10 pieces / box, 4 boxes

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1084 Lithotomy Surgery Bag 30 pieces / box, 4 boxes / carton

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1016 irregular operation fluid bag 10 pieces / box, 4 boxes / box

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    The size of the opening can be customized.

    1.Round: Mostly used in general surgery, stomatology, ophthalmology, etc.

    2.Rectangle: Mostly used in general surgery, gynecology, and male departments

    3.Strip: Mostly used in general surgery

    4.Meta rectangle: Mostly used in general surgery, gynecology, and male departments

    5.Drop-shaped: Mostly used in cosmetology and stomatology

    6.Castellated: Mostly used in cosmetology

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Size of Medical Towels:

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1. When laying towels, the assistant's gloved hands must not collide with the gloved hands of the instrument technician.

2. Before placing the towel, the location of the surgical incision should be determined. The area of the exposed incision of the towel should not be too large or too narrow, and there must be room for prolonged incision during exploratory surgery.

3. Surgical towels that have been laid are not allowed to move at will. If they have to be moved a little, they can only move outward from the incision site, and cannot move inwardly to the incision site.

4. When laying the small surgical towel around the incision, it should be folded 1/4 so that there are two layers of cloth near the incision site.

5. When laying in the middle or large order, the hands should not be lower than the level of the operating table, and should not touch unsterilized items to avoid contamination. After the first assistant disinfects the towel, the hands and arms should be disinfected again before wearing surgical gowns and gloves to continue the operation.

6. The sterile tray of the operating tray and operating table should hang more than 30cm from the sterile surface. Once the operation is soaked, it loses the sterile isolation, and the sterile towel list should be re-covered.

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