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Safe UV Disinfection Lamp

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a leading Safe UV disinfection lamp manufacturer and supplier.

Small size, big power, can be used in anywhere need disinfection.

Extreme security is ubiquitous Body induction, automatically turn off the lights, UV protection.

Extreme security is ubiquitous 2 steps, delay to turn on, Prevent children control the lamp accidentally.

Extreme security is ubiquitous Tube 360° protection, prevent lamp tube damage.

Extreme security is everywhere Base temperature detection, high temperature automatic power off protection.

Selected core components High quality ballast, safe and stable drive, better sterilization effect, longer life.

High quality anti - UV PC material, safe and non - toxic long life, the lamp can be replaced, solve worries.

Preset 3 levels of disinfection time  Preset 15/30/45min3 disinfection time, 1 key to achieve sterile space.

Shanghai Mediacl Corporation is a professional manufacture and supplier of Medical Materials with high quality and reasonable price. We also supply Face Mask and its machine . If you want to know more about our Materials for medical price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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    TYPE:UV (254nm)

    OUTPUT:30W square:≤30m²

    Power:90V~260V  50Hz weight:500g


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    Small size of 0.015m2, high power of 30w, can be used for any scene requiring disinfection;

    5 meters of infrared intelligent human body induction /30s delay light/error protection/lamp tube protection/high temperature power off protection, the ultimate safety, eliminate all safety risks of the same products;

    15/30/45min3 timing sterilization;

    The killing rate of bacteria and viruses reached 99.99%.

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