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Gas Mask / Antivirus mask / Respirators

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Shanghai Medical Corporation is a gas mask supplier and manufacturer.

Gas masks are personal labor protection products and also individual protective equipment. They are worn on the head to protect personal respiratory equipment, eyes, and face, and to prevent personal injury from poisonous gas, dust, bacteria, toxic and harmful gases or steam. Gas masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, military, firefighting, rescue and disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention, science and technology, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and other fields, as well as in cities with severe haze and photochemical smog. Respiratory protection. Gas masks can be divided into full-faced and semi-masked, and full-faced can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure.

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    Material: PC visor+silicone mask body

    Duration: Depends on cartridge type

    Inhalation Resistance: ≤25pa(30L/min)

    Exhalation Resistance: ≤76pa

    Oil Mist Transmittance: ≤0.0005%

    Mask Leakage Factor: ≤0.006%


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    -Comfortable,durable silicon skirt, not irritating to the skin

    -With our-strap head-harness,quick adjustment,mask can be positioned optimally

    -With speaking diaphragm

    -Bayonet connection

    -Delicate and beautiful appearance,exquisite workmanship

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